BarberUP - Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

BarberUP respects your privacy and treats your personal information very carefully. This document describes what information we collect and what we do with it.

Information We Collect From Barbers

  1. We follow any order to disclose information issued by competent legal authorities.
  2. We will disclose all personal information we have on file about a particular client to that client, their legal representatives, or their legal guardians, if they prove their identity to our satisfaction. We will also correct any information we have on file about them at their request.
  3. We use third-party providers to deliver SMS (text messages) and such share phone numbers and messages to be sent, so that they can send them. They are contractually bound to us to treat your data carefully.
  4. Our employees may see your information in the course of operating the service or providing support to you. We keep employees who have access to information to an absolute minimum, educate them properly about their responsibilities in handling your data, and receive contractual promises of strict secrecy from them.

Information We Collect From Barber Customers:

If you receive a text message through BarberUP, it is because a barber requested us to send you that message, in regards to a relevant appointment. If you do not wish to receive reminders in the future, please send an email to and we will ensure that our clients can no longer contact you through the BarberUP service. We will take appropriate action against any customer of ours who uses our service to contact people in an unsolicited or annoying manner.

To send you a reminder, we receive from barbers:

Information We Collect From

We retain this information indefinitely, for our records, but we can remove any mention of you from our system at your request. Please mail and provide proof of your identity. Our CEO will handle the matter personally and tell you when we have handled your request.